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It's the "Beautiful New" Release Day!


An album dedicated to and in memory of my incredible mother, Annette Keller (January 7, 1951-October 27, 2011). Her life sown in my life and the lives of countless others continues to bring beautiful new things into the world every day. Cancer didn’t win; LOVE does. I miss you, mom, but know I’ll see you again.

An album in honor of my loving father, Steve Keller, who continues to be my greatest fan and biggest supporter. Words can’t express how proud I am to be his daughter. This project would not exist if he didn’t believe in me like he does. Believing with you, dad, that these songs will  reach many with true HOPE.

An album created with sincere & humble gratitude to all my family, friends, and fans who have encouraged me to keep making music, holding me up through a tough few years of loss and transition. I hope you will find some BEAUTIFUL NEW here to encourage your hearts and that you’ll want to share with others.

Now available on iTunesBandcamp (Only $5!), and more. All the details and links can be found in my online store:

If you enjoy the album, please share it with friends, leave reviews on iTunes, share links on Facebook/Twitter, and help me get the word out!  Thanks so much for your support & love. None of this would be possible without you.

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This "Beautiful New" beginning...


Five months ago tonight my mom surrendered to her seven month battle with cancer, leaving this temporary life of pain and tears and passing on through to a cancer free, pain free eternity in heaven. I do rejoice that she is no longer suffering and know I will see her again one day, but what a bittersweet joy it is. To say that I miss her is an understatement. There are no words. Any of you who have lost a loved one can absolutely relate. 

More than just knowing I will see her again, all her life she invested countless precious seeds sown in the lives of so many - especially mine - and I know those seeds are continuing to grow and flourish, constantly producing new and wonderful things. This leads me back to this "Beautiful New" beginning today...

If you have followed my journey through the last few years, you know it's been a pretty bumpy road. However, through numerous major transitions in my life, there has definitely been a permeating Grace carrying me through. Most days I felt like I was in an intensive care unit. As hard as I was fighting to just get back on my feet as fast as I could, deep down I knew needed to focus each day on continuing to just breathe and rest, allowing time, Love, and the care of others to help heal the wounds. It could not be rushed.

There were times I'd start to try and get up - thinking that SURELY things would be better by now - only to fall flat on my face or encounter a whole other trauma out of nowhere. I had to surrender to the long & painful process again & again.  Healing never happens as quickly as we want - whether we're talking an infection, a broken bone, or a broken heart.

Quite often, healing doesn't come without pain involved as well. But in the waiting, in the trusting, in the surrendering, in the hurting, in the healing...we are changed. Restored. Renewed. Just as our bodies were designed to heal - for open wounds to close up, covered by precious new skin - our hearts were as well. We may always bear a slight scar, but we will heal if we are patient and surrender to the process.

There have been a handful of new songs that have come from this journey - in the waiting, hurting, and healing. I was blessed with the opportunity to record six of them over the course of a couple weeks in Nashville this February. What a treasure of time it was to have my friends Josh Robinson & Matt Campbell producing, writing, and working with me at The Green House Studio.

In the process of choosing songs and putting the 6-song EP together, Josh and I wrote a new song on a strangely warm February morning. We both had the idea to write a song about my mom when we arrived that day, and what evolved in a few hours on his sunshine-filled back porch was a song called "Beautiful New." We are planning to title the EP "Beautiful New" - and we hope to release later this spring or early this summer!  

I'm actually in Nashville again tonight and hope to have a chance to listen to some final mixes with Josh & Matt before I head home tomorrow. We shall see! I can hardly wait to share the new songs with you!  

But the question of the hour for those of you who have followed me as an singer/songwriter/solo artist for a while and have known me by a different name is...what is the reason that I would change my "artist" name to SHERILYN? 

Well...SHERILYN (pronounced "Cheryl-Lynn") is actually the name my mom & dad gave me at birth. My nickname quickly became Sheri and was what stuck, and though there are a few people on the planet who have known my full name and use it as a term of endearment from time to time (you know who you are), overall, I've always been called Sheri.

You can still call me Sheri if you want [wink], but over these last few months I have sensed a massive turning point when a change of name seemed incredibly appropriate. To me, in a very personal way, it's basically signifying a new direction in my life (much like in Biblical times - like when God changed Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Simon to Peter, Jacob to Israel).

Because of what I've been through these last few years, it feels like it's time for a "new mission" of sorts...and time for leaving my past behind (i.e. my ex-husband's last name) and pressing on towards "Beautiful New" things ahead. I am hopeful that part of what is ahead includes more opportunities in new kinds of environments/venues to share my songs, my Hope, and my journey with others.

I'm believing that through the surrendering of my past that my life is actually being made beautifully new in this process, all the while being restored to it's original beauty that was always intended. That is the definition of Redemption, after all! All things are being restored and made right. 

What it really comes down to is that I think my mom had it right the first time.  

SHERILYN it is. ;)

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